FYE Spotlight: Reedley College Library

Posted by Raymond Pun on 11/15/18 11:12 AM

By Mai Soua Lee-Cha and Raymond Pun

In this interview, librarian Mai Soua Lee-Cha explains her many different roles at Reedley College, a community college in California. Mai Soua tells FYE Correspondent Ray Pun that librarians are “aware and cognizant that FYE is the most crucial pathway for success in college and lifelong achievement” and shares how the library at Reedley College supports these efforts in the FYE space.

InfoLit Learning Community: Setting Up a Successful Peer-to-Peer Research Service

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 11/9/18 9:00 AM

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Next week, Credo’s InfoLit Community will welcome speakers from Penn State Libraries, who will talk about how they set up and now run their successful Search Bar, a student-run research service in its second year of operation. The Search Bar is a peer-to-peer space with writing tutors, tech tutors, and peer research consultants; staff attribute its success to students’ finding peers more approachable than librarians.

InfoLit Learning Community

FYE Spotlight: East Los Angeles College Library

Posted by Raymond Pun on 11/8/18 3:03 PM

By Cynthia Mari Orozco and Raymond Pun

FYE Correspondent Raymond Pun recently spoke with East Los Angeles College’s Librarian for Equitable Services, Cynthia Mari Orozco. She details what her position entails, how she helps support students’ of all backgrounds as they transition to college, and different strategies for reducing library anxiety.

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Hidden Info Gems: Open Access Report Roundup

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/7/18 9:00 AM

Below, you’ll find a curated selection of new reports available for free on the open web. Your users will find this content useful in starting and expanding their research. You’ll also find an open access database that allows users to spot trends and identify sources as to news coverage.

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Using Maps and GIS in Library Instruction and Outreach

Posted by Raymond Pun on 11/6/18 9:23 AM

By Andy Rutkowski and Raymond Pun

Maps are incredible and powerful primary sources that can be used to inform and engage learners about the complexities of human geography. Today there are tons of free digital map resources such as NYPL’s Map Warper and the Library of Congress’ Digital Map Collections. These digitized maps can be used to teach visual literacy across the disciplines, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s possible when incorporating maps and geographic information systems (GIS) in library instruction. In this interview, Andy Rutowski, Visualization Librarian at the University of Southern California (USC) Libraries, shares some ideas that he’s been working on to promote information and data literacies through maps and GIS tools.

First Year Experience, library instruction

Social Media Content for Libraries

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/5/18 10:20 AM

Looking to up your library's social media game? One of the best ways to engage followers to is to provide a consistent stream of fun/useful content. Understanding that libraries don't always have the time to generate all of the content they'd like, we're here to help! 

Customer Success, Social Media for Libraries

InfoLit Learning Community: The Latest in IL: A GICOIL Reprise

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 11/2/18 9:00 AM

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For those who missed last month’s Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy (GICOIL), or simply couldn’t make it to all of the stellar presentations, Credo offered a reprisal of some of the presentations in a webinar on October 25. The webinar featured the event’s keynote speaker as well as presentations by three of the many insightful librarians who were featured at the conference.

InfoLit Learning Community

FYE Spotlight: University of California, Los Angeles Library

Posted by Raymond Pun on 10/30/18 12:32 PM

By Annie Pho and Raymond Pun

With rich library collections and services, UCLA is considered to be among one of the top academic research libraries in world. In this interview, FYE Correspondent Ray Pun interviews Annie Pho from UCLA Library. Annie shares how the library supports FYE through a number of activities including the common book program, embedded librarianship, and collaborative assessment services.

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InfoLit Learning Community: Selections from the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 10/26/18 9:00 AM

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This year’s Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy took place in Savannah, GA, on September 27-29. Attendees heard from a great variety of speakers who addressed an equally wide variety of information literacy topics, among them teaching faculty how to take on information literacy topics in the classroom, using OER to create affordable learning materials for students, and several presentations on combating fake news. Some of the presenters have allowed Credo to host their slides so that our readers can benefit from their insights.

InfoLit Learning Community

Happy Open Access Week: Programs, Ideas, and Opportunities for Library Instruction

Posted by Raymond Pun on 10/25/18 11:02 AM

Many libraries from around the world are celebrating Open Access (OA) Week by hosting events, activities, and workshops for their larger academic communities to discuss the issues, challenges and benefits of open access in scholarship and research. This is an opportunity to exchange new ideas and discoveries freely, share scholarship and data, form collaborations and partnerships, and dismantle barriers to education and research.

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