Teaching Social Justice with Credo (Webinar Recap)

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 12/11/17 2:36 PM

Librarians Ray Pun (Fresno State) and Kenya Flash (Yale University) recently joined us to discuss teaching social justice issues using Credo. Campuses have always provided a space to nurture political thought and activity, and librarians can tap into students’ growing interest while also teaching sound research strategies that will benefit all of their studies.

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FYE Spotlight: University of North Texas Libraries

Posted by Raymond Pun on 12/11/17 9:27 AM

FYE Correspondent Raymond Pun recently interviewed Lilly Ramin, the First Year Experience (FYE), Sociology, and Instructional Technologies Librarian at the University of North Texas (UNT). Their conversation covered Lilly’s experiences and activities in fostering new connections with student affairs, admissions, administrators, and other colleagues in support of the FYE.

First Year Experience

Collaborating with Student Affairs for Student Success

Posted by Raymond Pun on 12/4/17 10:39 AM

I often get emails from other academic librarians asking how they can increase their outreach efforts serving first year students. (Thank you for your emails!) One way to enhance your student services as an FYE librarian is to engage with your student affairs or student services division directly. Typically, this division supports all student-related matters from enrollment, to outreach, to health and wellness, to student conduct.

First Year Experience

December Social Media Content for Libraries

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/30/17 8:12 PM

We understand your library wants to post fun content to social media but that you might not have the time to dedicate to writing it, so we’d like to help!

Below you will find daily posts, all under Twitter’s 140 character limit (we'll stick with 140 until everyone is on the 280 train), that you can copy/paste at your leisure, each linking to a Topic Page, which, for Credo Online Reference Services subscribers can be a gateway to all kinds of e-resources.

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FYE Spotlight: University of Notre Dame – Hesburgh Libraries

Posted by Raymond Pun on 11/21/17 9:36 AM

FYE Correspondent Raymond Pun recently interviewed Melissa Harden First Year Experience and Anna Michelle Martinez-Montavon, Instructional Design Librarian from the University of Notre Dame. Their conversation explores how the Hesburgh libraries support the FYE through embedded services and faculty professional development. 

First Year Experience

The Trust Project: An Important Step in the Fight Against Fake News

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/20/17 12:08 PM

Tens of thousands of new pieces of content appear online daily, and sorting through it can be a challenge for everyone from consumers, to media platforms, to search algorithms. As we’ve seen over the past year, this jungle of information provides plenty of camouflage for purveyors of fake news.

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Predictable Misunderstandings in Information Literacy: Initial Research Findings

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/16/17 1:50 PM

Instructional librarian Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe has been researching what misconceptions about information literacy students carry with them to college, and investigating what types of pedagogical responses best correct these. In a recent webinar she discussed the challenges of teaching information literacy to first year students, and shared her initial findings. Download the full recording here, and view her presentation slides here.  

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Teaching the ACRL Frames Using Credo (Part I)

Posted by Raymond Pun on 11/16/17 11:42 AM

By Kenya Flash and Raymond Pun

Are you looking for creative ways to teach the ACRL Frames? In this piece, we’ll cover three frames that can be used to dive deeper into the complexities of the research process, and show how Credo can help students put these concepts into action.

First Year Experience, Information Literacy, library instruction, Credo in Action

Fake News 2.0: The Pivot to Video

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/14/17 11:43 AM

Collins Dictionary recently named “Fake News” the word of the year for 2017. From Croatian troll farms, to Russian government propaganda, to social media, to Presidential press briefings, the creation of intentionally misleading articles has dominated our discussions this year. Unfortunately, it’s about to get much, much worse.

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Celebrate International Education Week in Your Library!

Posted by Raymond Pun on 11/8/17 10:03 AM

By Raymond Pun and Hiromi Kubo

This November 13-17, International Education Week (IEW) will be recognized throughout the world. It is an opportunity for students and educators to celebrate the benefits of international education and global exchanges. Co-sponsored by the U.S. Departments of State and Education, IEW promotes the importance of global education at schools, colleges, universities, and libraries.  

First Year Experience

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