Charleston Conference Webinar Recap: Teach the Teachers: Instilling Instructional Design Principles in Faculty

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 8/1/19 9:43 PM

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Charleson webinar panelists

Credo recently sponsored a Charleston Conference webinar, “Teach the Teachers: Instilling Instructional Design Principles in Faculty.” The webinar, broadcast live on July 24, featured Zachariah Claybaugh (above left), OER &  Digital Learning Librarian at Sacred Heart University, Ula (Urszula) Lechtenberg (above center), Instructional Design Librarian at the same institution, and Henrietta Verma (above right), a librarian who is Credo’s Customer Success Manager.

Claybaugh and Lechtenberg described for attendees a two-day faculty institute at which they worked with faculty “to improve information literacy education through effectively designed instruction,” to quote Claybaugh. The librarians have presented the institute twice now and thus were able to impart significant detail on how to best plan and host such an event. Claybaugh and Lechtenberg noted that while their faculty institutes were developed for faculty at Sacred Heart University, their advice and experiences are adaptable for use anywhere faculty need help with designing IL education.

Following their presentation, Verma introduced a free Credo resource, the IL Strategy Handbook, which includes information on backwards design—a concept discussed by Claybaugh and Lechtenberg—and how to best incorporate it in IL curriculum design.

Webinar recording

Presentation slides


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