FYE Spotlight: University of Southern California Libraries

Posted by Raymond Pun on 8/27/18 10:15 AM

By Christal Young and Raymond Pun

FYE Correspondent Ray Pun spoke recently with Christal Young of USC Libraries about her work supporting first year experience programs through a number of creative activities and engagements. In this interview Christal shares her thoughts on the importance of the library’s role in facilitating connections for students who are new to campus through many interactions and services including a virtual hub.

First Year Experience

Highlights from the 2018 Lifelong Information Literacy (LILi) Conference

Posted by Raymond Pun on 8/20/18 2:24 PM

Last week, I attended the 5th annual LILi Conference held at the Glendale Public Library in California. The theme was, “It’s Not Just Academic: Bridging Gaps with Information Empowerment in All Libraries” and explored information literacy services and programs provided by different libraries including public, academic, school, and others.

First Year Experience, Conferences

4 Essential Summer Reads for Librarians

Posted by Raymond Pun on 8/6/18 1:22 PM

Looking for a good book to read during the summer? Here are some recent publications in the LIS field that might get you thinking of new practices, theories, and services to consider for your academic community in the fall!

First Year Experience

Teaching Information Literacy Using Comics and Graphic Novels

Posted by Raymond Pun on 7/26/18 2:06 PM

Last week, the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) brought together comic art and graphic novel fans, illustrators, artists, gamers, celebrities, educators, and librarians. Numerous events and seminars across the San Diego Convention Center and the San Diego Central Library (SDCL) covered diverse topics ranging from “Designing the Costumes of Wakanda” to “A Crash Course to European Comics.” This conference provided a great opportunity for librarians seeking to learn more about the latest publications, trends, and scholarly works on comic research. 

First Year Experience, Conferences, Information Literacy

Teaching Resource Highlight: Multilingual Glossary for Today’s Library Users

Posted by Raymond Pun on 7/19/18 12:04 PM

If you’re thinking of ways to expand library resources to different populations and communities on campus, but aren’t sure where to start, the ACRL Instruction Section has a new offering that can help. Their Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee recently updated and released the Multilingual Glossary for Today’s Library Users.

First Year Experience

3 Key Takeaways from the 2018 ALA Annual Conference

Posted by Raymond Pun on 7/12/18 10:46 AM

Over 10,000 folks attended last month’s ALA Annual Conference. From former First Lady Michelle Obama to Presidential Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, there were many exciting talks and programs promoting literacy, research, and community engagement. Here are a few sessions that really stood out to me as an academic librarian.

ALAAC18, First Year Experience

FYE Spotlight: NYU Abu Dhabi Library, United Arab Emirates

Posted by Raymond Pun on 6/19/18 11:52 AM

By Meggan Houlihan and Raymond Pun 

In this interview, FYE Correspondent Ray Pun interviews Meggan Houlihan from New York University Abu Dhabi Library. Meggan shares her experiences in coordinating library instruction, the personal librarian program, and student engagement activities on campus. She also emphasizes that “it takes a community to support FY students, and libraries play a central role in that community.”

First Year Experience

HIP in Action: Diversity/Global Learning in Academic Libraries

Posted by Raymond Pun on 6/11/18 12:27 PM

By Laurie Bridges and Raymond Pun

Among the most effective ways to improve student retention and success is the promotion of diversity and global learning services. To increase students’ multicultural awareness and develop their sense of belonging within the community, this high-impact practice (HIP) can be integrated into library services. In this interview with FYE Correspondent Raymond Pun, Laurie Bridges, an Instruction and Outreach Librarian at Oregon State University Libraries shares her thoughts and activities in supporting international programs for students on campus and abroad. 

HIP In Action, First Year Experience

FYE Spotlight: Bowling Green State University Libraries

Posted by Raymond Pun on 6/6/18 10:42 AM

By Rob Snyder and Raymond Pun

In this interview, FYE Correspondent Ray Pun interviews Rob Snyder from Bowling Green State University Libraries (BGSU). Rob discusses his role in supporting the FYE on campus, and his upcoming plans to expand partnerships and support in academic and student affairs programs.

First Year Experience

FYE Spotlight: Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus Library

Posted by Raymond Pun on 5/29/18 2:25 PM

By Katelyn Angell and Raymond Pun

In this week’s interview, FYE correspondent Raymond Pun speaks with first year success librarian Katelyn (Kate) Angell from Long Island University’s (LIU) Brooklyn Campus Library. She shares her experiences in designing collaborative programs including contests, common reads, and public programs.

First Year Experience

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