Teaching Data Literacy with Credo

Posted by Raymond Pun on 10/2/17 11:01 AM

By Raymond Pun and Kenya Flash

In our last post, we covered how you might use Credo to teach image searching and visual literacy. This week we will be looking into how Credo can help you teach data literacy. Data literacy is the ability to read, interpret, create, and communicate data as information. Many disciplines, from communication to political science and more, expect students to show proficiency with these skills in their assignments.

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Teaching Visual Literacy with Credo

Posted by Raymond Pun on 9/14/17 12:07 PM

By Raymond Pun and Vang Vang

Have you ever thought about creative ways to teach students how to find, interpret, and use images for their research? You may want to consider using Credo for this instructional activity.

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10 Creative Activities to Support Student Engagement

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 9/12/17 12:43 PM

The third installment of our Credo in Action webinar series featured two Fresno State librarians, Ray Pun and Vang Vang, discussing new and innovative ways to engage students through gamification, visual literacy, and more. With clear and practical examples, they walked us through how they’ve implemented these various strategies to expand their instruction and outreach services. Here are a few of the highlights; access the full recording and slides to see all 10!

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Webinar Recap: Pre-search to Research, Credo as ‘Academic Google’

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 9/6/17 7:52 PM

Niketha McKenzie was tasked with creating an instructional platform to ensure Howard University’s incoming freshmen were aware of the library’s resources and services. She and her colleagues Adia Coleman and Kimberly Prosper reached out to faculty and students to assess the main obstacles first year students faced when conducting research, and where faculty wanted to improvement. As part of our Credo In Action webinar series, these librarians agreed to share what they learned, what they’ve created to address these needs, and how students and faculty have responded. Access the full webinar recording here!

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Fall Library Kick Off: Engaging Orientation Activities

Posted by Raymond Pun on 9/5/17 10:26 AM

The academic school year has started, and it’s a great time to think about creative ways to engage with students throughout orientation!

First Year Experience, Credo in Action

Credo in Action: First Year Experience

Posted by Credo on 6/13/17 11:23 AM

We recently asked librarians to send us their stories of how they put Credo to use helping students. Sol Lopez of Regis University won our contest, and a trip to ALA Chicago, for her submission on how Credo supports her school's first year experience (FYE) program by encouraging students to initiate choosing topics for their research.

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Webinar Recap: 10 Ways to Engage First Year Students

Posted by Credo on 5/30/17 12:56 PM

First year success librarians Raymond Pun and Kate Angell recently spoke about innovative ways they’ve found to engage first year students in their respective libraries. To be clear, in Beyond Information Literacy: 10 Ways to Engage with Your First Year Students, they aren’t talking about bypassing information literacy. In fact, many of these programs and ideas work in tandem with ongoing IL initiatives. Here’s a quick sample of some of their tips, or you can watch the full webinar recording.

Events, First Year Experience, Webinars

Celebrating the FYE: Ideas for Recognizing First Year Students

Posted by Raymond Pun on 4/24/17 10:26 AM

As the spring semester slowly wraps up for many schools across the country, your first year students should be pretty excited about completing their first academic year!

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Faculty Engagement Remains a Concern for Librarians at ACRL

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 4/20/17 1:37 PM

At this year’s ACRL conference we hosted a small booth survey (and raffled off a free year of InfoLit Modules to Carl Andrews, Assistant Professor/Librarian at Bronx Community College!) to get a sense of how librarians felt about FYE, faculty collaboration, and information literacy.

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Tips & Best Practices for Embedded Librarians

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 4/12/17 11:39 AM

We’ve been hearing a lot about requests for embedded librarians surging in the past year, especially since the term “fake news” entered the popular lexicon last fall. Because collaboration between librarians and faculty is a desired outcome in so many conversations about information literacy (IL) today, we wanted to explore best practices for this strategy.

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