InfoLit Learning Community: Accreditation: A Chance to Boost Your Soft-Skills Curriculum

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 6/15/18 9:00 AM

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Accreditation has been on our minds lately at Credo, as we’re currently updating our list of which of the various accrediting bodies’ requirements are met by each of our InfoLit Modules—we’ll soon share that new information in our Learning Community.

One of the resources that continues to inform our thinking on accreditation is a webinar that we presented last year. In it, Kate Sawyer, a consultant who specializes in assisting libraries that are preparing for “the big day,” discussed why librarians should view an accreditation review as an opportunity; Sawyer also has strong feelings on which opportunities libraries should squeeze through while they have the chance.

InfoLit Learning Community

HIP in Action: Diversity/Global Learning in Academic Libraries

Posted by Raymond Pun on 6/11/18 12:27 PM

By Laurie Bridges and Raymond Pun

Among the most effective ways to improve student retention and success is the promotion of diversity and global learning services. To increase students’ multicultural awareness and develop their sense of belonging within the community, this high-impact practice (HIP) can be integrated into library services. In this interview with FYE Correspondent Raymond Pun, Laurie Bridges, an Instruction and Outreach Librarian at Oregon State University Libraries shares her thoughts and activities in supporting international programs for students on campus and abroad. 

First Year Experience, HIP In Action

InfoLit Learning Community: How to Share Your Successes in Your Accreditation Report

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 6/8/18 9:00 AM

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Last week’s blog post
discussed what to do if your accreditation visit involves discussing a mistake or lapse in some aspect of your library’s work. Communicating that without ruining your accreditation chances can be a minefield. But what if you’re gearing up to tell the committee about a great success? It might seem like an easy task at first, but there’s a knack to being forthright about success while maintaining the academic tone required in an accreditation report or interview.

InfoLit Learning Community

FYE Spotlight: Bowling Green State University Libraries

Posted by Raymond Pun on 6/6/18 10:42 AM

By Rob Snyder and Raymond Pun

In this interview, FYE Correspondent Ray Pun interviews Rob Snyder from Bowling Green State University Libraries (BGSU). Rob discusses his role in supporting the FYE on campus, and his upcoming plans to expand partnerships and support in academic and student affairs programs.

First Year Experience

InfoLit Learning Community: What to Do When Your Accreditation Plans Hit a Bump in the Road

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 6/1/18 9:00 AM

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So you’re faced with an accreditation visit. You’ve looked back at your notes and plans from the previous visit and there’s a problem... you didn’t do what you said you would. Or, you tried to do whatever it was you promised but it didn’t work out. What next? How can you discuss this issue in a way that doesn’t reflect badly on the library or the institution as a whole?

InfoLit Learning Community

June Social Media Content for Libraries

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 5/31/18 2:30 PM

Looking to up your library's social media game? One of the best ways to engage followers to is to provide a consistent stream of fun/useful content. Understanding that libraries don't always have the time to generate all of the content they'd like, we're here to help! 

Customer Success, Social Media for Libraries

FYE Spotlight: Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus Library

Posted by Raymond Pun on 5/29/18 2:25 PM

By Katelyn Angell and Raymond Pun

In this week’s interview, FYE correspondent Raymond Pun speaks with first year success librarian Katelyn (Kate) Angell from Long Island University’s (LIU) Brooklyn Campus Library. She shares her experiences in designing collaborative programs including contests, common reads, and public programs.

First Year Experience

News from the Open Web

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 5/29/18 1:42 PM

Credo supports affordable learning with thoughtfully curated open educational resources. This blog provides easy, free access to open web resources published by government entities, think tanks, and more. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of resources that may be relatively unknown or difficult to find on the open web for librarians, students, and all audiences to elevate background information on issues happening today in near real-time. Curate, collect, distribute, save time and energy for enhancing information awareness in libraries around the world. We encourage you to share.

Affordable Learning Solutions

InfoLit Learning Community: Setting Your Sights on Accreditation

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 5/25/18 9:00 AM

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Accreditation: it’s a scary time, and it can seem like the institution’s future hangs on whether the library can show its worth. Take a deep breath! This isn’t a “gotcha” moment. It’s an opportunity for you to show all the things the library is already doing that both help individual students and move the school closer to its goals. Remember, too, that the accreditation committee wants you to succeed. Especially if this is a reaccreditation visit, they’re just looking to see that you’re meeting your goals.

InfoLit Learning Community

Librarians, Faculty, and Credo: The Affordable Learning Trifecta (Webinar Recap)

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 5/24/18 10:56 AM

It’s impossible to have any discussion of higher education today without talking about the cost. The Chronicle published this disturbing article about students choosing between food and textbooks, underscoring the need to find affordable learning solutions. Our recent webinar with Jodi Ondich and Bridget Reistad of Lake Superior College explored innovative steps they’ve taken to do just this by replacing expensive textbooks with existing library resources. Not only did students appreciate the savings, they became more well-versed in using the library’s digital reference collection. Download the full webinar recording here (plus slides).

Affordable Learning Solutions

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