Information Literacy in the Facebook News Era

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/17/16 12:36 PM

A growing number of Americans are getting their news from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter according to a recent poll from Pew Research. At the same time, NPR and others are reporting this month that a proliferation of fake news sites have to come into being that use the viral nature of social media to drive ad revenue.

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Credo and Arkansas State University team up to boost college readiness

Posted by Credo on 11/10/16 10:17 AM

According to a report form the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, "nearly 60% of first-year college students discover that, despite being fully eligible to attend college, they are not ready for postsecondary studies."

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The Evolving Librarian: Webinar Recap

Posted by Credo on 10/13/16 8:56 AM

Harvard librarian Cheryl LaGuardia recently stopped by to drop some knowledge on the evolving nature of librarianship in the 21st century. No slides, no frills, just two amazing librarians talking about the nature of change, competition from the resources that deliver easy (if not always reliable) information, and what librarians should be doing to stay relevant in the 21st century. Rosemary Meszaros of Western Kentucky University moderates, adding some of her own pithy observations along the way. Some of their discussion touches on:

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What is Plagiarism? A guide for politicians and their spouses

Posted by Mike Sweet on 7/19/16 1:19 PM

During the first night of the Republican National Convention, prospective First Lady Melania Trump gave a speech, parts of which sounded very similar to a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008. But was it plagiarism? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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Credo's guide to the Great Barrier Reef

Posted by Credo on 5/31/16 2:01 PM

Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies recently announced that large swaths of coral in the Great Barrier Reef are in grave danger. According to their report, "scientists estimate that mass bleaching has killed 35% of corals on the northern and central Great Barrier Reef."

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International Museum Day

Posted by Credo on 5/17/16 8:31 AM

International Museum Day is observed around the world on May 18th. To celebrate this year, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite museums. If you can’t visit them in person, at least you can explore their Topic Pages!

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Infographic: 2016 Presidential Candidates on Education

Posted by john.hutchinson on 3/11/16 6:37 PM

With the 2016 presidential race heating up, we took a look at how each of the candidates express their views on education policy.

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John Kasich on training for the jobs of tomorrow

Posted by Mike Sweet on 2/17/16 6:45 AM

Ohio Governor John Kasich made news last week with his surprise second-place finish in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential primary.

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The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Learn

Posted by Mike Sweet on 2/8/16 9:00 AM

When former President Bill Clinton was asked, "What is the most important thing you have learned?" at the Global Education and Skills Forum, I was struck by the fact that his answer was not any one particular fact or discipline.

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Joe Biden Emphasizes Lifelong Learning Skills in Op-Ed

Posted by Mike Sweet on 1/27/16 4:30 PM

In Wednesday’s Boston Globe, Vice President Joe Biden authored an op-ed titled, Five ways to make the digital revolution work for the middle class. The first item he lists emphasizes the principle of lifelong learning:

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