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Facebook’s News Feed Bug Requires a Human Fix

Posted by Mike Sweet on 5/15/17 10:10 AM

A version of this post appeared in the New York Times Magazine, 14 May, 2017.

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FYI: Libraries supporting FYE programs can impact retention

Posted by Mike Sweet on 1/19/17 11:02 AM

At the intersection of college preparation and student success is the first year experience program (FYE). More schools every year move beyond the simple orientation to offer some type of course or seminar with the goals of building a deeper relationship with their students, connecting these students to campus resources, and honing their academic skills.

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What Seth Godin’s “Teaching Certainty” Tells Us About The Future of Higher Ed

Posted by Mike Sweet on 9/14/16 8:41 AM


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What is Plagiarism? A guide for politicians and their spouses

Posted by Mike Sweet on 7/19/16 1:19 PM

During the first night of the Republican National Convention, prospective First Lady Melania Trump gave a speech, parts of which sounded very similar to a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008. But was it plagiarism? Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

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Why second-guessing the boss is the path to success.

Posted by Mike Sweet on 7/5/16 9:00 AM

The word management, it seems, is synonymous with “command and control” for many people out there. And, despite its inherent inflexibility, it is a very comfortable way of doing business for old-school managers and employees alike: Everyone has clearly defined roles and duties and the boss keeps everything on track by firmly guiding each task. This all-powerful leader frees staff from the onerous task of thinking and hopefully takes ownership of any failures (and likely, all successes).

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The contrarian's dilemma: Why different viewpoints fuel success

Posted by Mike Sweet on 6/21/16 10:07 AM

To paraphrase a memorable quote, “You can please some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all the time.” In other words: No matter what new product or service you plan to bring to market, there will be segments of your existing or potential customer base that are not going to be completely satisfied.

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Be wrong.

Posted by Mike Sweet on 6/14/16 1:30 PM

Knowledge was power. Today, learning is.



John Kasich on training for the jobs of tomorrow

Posted by Mike Sweet on 2/17/16 6:45 AM

Ohio Governor John Kasich made news last week with his surprise second-place finish in the New Hampshire Republican Presidential primary.

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The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Learn

Posted by Mike Sweet on 2/8/16 9:00 AM

When former President Bill Clinton was asked, "What is the most important thing you have learned?" at the Global Education and Skills Forum, I was struck by the fact that his answer was not any one particular fact or discipline.

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Joe Biden Emphasizes Lifelong Learning Skills in Op-Ed

Posted by Mike Sweet on 1/27/16 4:30 PM

In Wednesday’s Boston Globe, Vice President Joe Biden authored an op-ed titled, Five ways to make the digital revolution work for the middle class. The first item he lists emphasizes the principle of lifelong learning:

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