Credo In Action: Starting the Research Process

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 7/19/17 9:00 AM

For many students, the hardest part of writing a paper is getting started. Oftentimes either can’t settle on a topic, or they feel overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the information out there. We asked librarians to write to us about how Credo helps their students start their research, and this is what we heard back:

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Credo in Action: Faculty Collaboration

Posted by Credo on 6/19/17 2:12 PM

One of the most common concerns we hear from librarians regards how difficult it can be to engage with faculty. This was a distinct takeaway from our booth survey at ACRL, and is something we explored in one of our most popular webinars of last year. 

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Webinar Recap: The Librarian as Scholar

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 6/19/17 10:15 AM

Brian Coutts and Rosemary Meszaros of Western Kentucky University recently joined us to explore the role of the librarian as scholar. Brian is this year's winner of the Reference and User Services Association's (RUSA) Isador Mudge Award. View the recording here (plus slides). 

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Credo in Action: First Year Experience

Posted by Credo on 6/13/17 11:23 AM

We recently asked librarians to send us their stories of how they put Credo to use helping students. Sol Lopez of Regis University won our contest, and a trip to ALA Chicago, for her submission on how Credo supports her school's first year experience (FYE) program by encouraging students to initiate choosing topics for their research.

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As Entire Countries Move From Print to Electronic Resources, How Will Libraries Be Affected?

Posted by kdeblois on 4/6/17 1:17 PM

Entire countries are making the switch from print to electronic, and not with just books, but entire collections, including hand written manuscripts, newspaper editions, radio broadcasts and TV programs. The UK and Finland were some of the first to make this transition, and the United States created the first completely online library with over 2 million items. N
ow Norway is following suit. This migration, by law, requires this content and media to be submitted to the National Library, which will allow anyone with a Norwegian IP address to access all the materials for free.

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ACRL 2017: FYE, Innovation, and New Information

Posted by Credo on 3/30/17 1:36 PM

We had an amazing time in Baltimore for the ACRL Conference, and we’re grateful to all of the librarians we got a chance to meet and talk to about the state of research and reference today.

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Online Research and Fact Checking: Integrating Reference Materials Into Wikipedia for the Research Experience

Posted by Raymond Pun on 3/2/17 12:46 PM

March is Women’s History Month!

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FYI: Libraries supporting FYE programs can impact retention

Posted by Mike Sweet on 1/19/17 11:02 AM

At the intersection of college preparation and student success is the first year experience program (FYE). More schools every year move beyond the simple orientation to offer some type of course or seminar with the goals of building a deeper relationship with their students, connecting these students to campus resources, and honing their academic skills.

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3 Library Trends to Follow in 2017

Posted by Credo on 1/12/17 12:37 PM

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that information literacy is a critical ingredient in informed democracies, but that we have a long way to go in building that skill across our population. As we look ahead to the coming year, we tried to ascertain what themes would emerge in the library field as a response to the rapidly-changing landscape. Here are 3 emerging trends we’re seeing that warrant attention in 2017:

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Global Warming tops list of most-searched terms in Credo this month

Posted by Credo on 10/13/16 12:07 PM

Ever wonder what your users are searching for when they use Credo Online Reference Service and Literati? Well, here are the top ten terms searched in the past month:

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