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Academic Librarians as Advisors and Advocates

Posted by Raymond Pun on 4/3/17 1:35 PM

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more students individually, and I’m certain my librarian colleagues in other institutions are doing the same. What’s happening is that more students are now seeking librarians as advisors and counselors.

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ACRL Recap by FYE Librarian Correspondent Ray Pun

Posted by Raymond Pun on 3/28/17 2:43 PM

Digital Learning Objects: Exploring New Ways to Teach Online Learners

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Creative Assessments for the First Year Experience

Posted by Raymond Pun on 3/15/17 7:11 PM

By Raymond Pun and Katelyn Angell

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Online Research and Fact Checking: Integrating Reference Materials Into Wikipedia for the Research Experience

Posted by Raymond Pun on 3/2/17 12:46 PM

March is Women’s History Month!

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Game On: Tips & Tools to Make Instruction More Engaging

Posted by Raymond Pun on 2/19/17 8:25 PM

By Raymond Pun and Meggan Houlihan

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Taking on Fake News in First Year Experience and Beyond

Posted by Raymond Pun on 2/9/17 10:06 AM

It’s on the news, almost every single day. Fake news is being shared, discussed, and analyzed frequently online and in the classrooms. Studies from Stanford to Pew Research have suggested that this topic has been and will continue to be affecting students and their information consumption and research needs but how can librarians make sense of fake news in the research workflow?

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First Year Experience in Libraries: Facilitating High Impact Workshops

Posted by Raymond Pun on 2/1/17 12:50 PM

Raymond Pun is the first year student success librarian at California State University, Fresno. In the coming months, he will bring his unique perspective to a series of posts for the Credo Blog as our First Year Experience Correspondent. Stay tuned for more FYE insights from Raymond, and join him on March 8th for his webinar, The First Year Library Experience: Best Practices and New Directions.

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