Credo In the News: Information Literacy Courseware Addresses Key Needs at University of New Mexico

Posted by Credo on 1/14/16 2:51 PM

An article in the Los Alamos Daily Post describes UNM-LA’s commitment to information literacy instruction and how library director Dennis Davies-Wilson is using Credo's Information Literacy Courseware to improve learning outcomes. As the piece states in its opening sentence, “Students who find themselves swimming in the vast ocean of information while doing research are no longer lost at sea at UNM-LA.”

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Do Colleges and Universities Really Teach Higher-order Thinking?

Posted by Mike Sweet on 7/1/15 12:06 PM

I recently authored a piece in eCampus News about the skills gap employers like myself have noticed in recent graduates, how this is stunting their career prospects and undermining the value of a college education.

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Should Your Campus Use Online Courseware for Information Literacy Instruction?

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 6/18/15 8:00 AM

We hear every day that librarians and faculty members are asked to more purposefully and systematically integrate information literacy and critical thinking instruction into their classes. The challenge is how to do it effectively and efficiently. For those who turn to online curricula— or courseware— there are three
primary benefits:

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Check out Credo's new Information Literacy Course Module!

Posted by Credo on 1/22/14 9:52 AM

It's a problem as old as libraries: you want to provide users with better Information Literacy skills, but when do you have the time to create meaningful materials, much less an entire curriculum? We're confident that someday archaeologists in Alexandria will find an early scroll or tablet saying something to the effect of, "Patrons of the reference desk keep asking me how to cite gossip they heard in the market, but I can't properly design instructional materials on the evaluation of sources because I keep getting stuck at the reference desk..."

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