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Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 4/19/19 2:10 PM

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refreshK-12 librarians and those who serve college and university students have their own forums—the recent TLA conference would have found many K-12 professionals, for example, while ACRL naturally attracts the post-secondary crowd. The professional literature they read doesn’t overlap much, either, and they may not often visit each other’s libraries, except perhaps as patrons or parents. But there’s so much the two “camps” can learn from one another.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to visit Credo’s Learning Community and check out the area that’s for the “other side.” Here’s a sample of what you can find and how it can benefit your work.

Some recent items In our K-12 area, InfoLit for Secondary Ed, that could benefit college and university librarians are:

  • A link to the most recent issue of the Journal of Media Literacy Education, which includes an article on IL in faith-based schools (see the “Interesting Reads section for this and the MediaWise item that follows);
  • Information on the MediaWise project, which aims to educate teenagers on media literacy. The project has released videos made by teenagersthat discuss how to determine what is real and what is deceptive online. (Ideal for FYE classes!)
  • Details on “Workshopping your IL Lesson Plans with Assignment Charrettes,” brainstorming and critique meetings in which educators help improve one another’s work (see “Blog Posts”)

Looking at the other side of the coin, here are examples of the material that K-12 librarians can benefit from in the “Information Literacy in the Field” section of the site, which is where we post items for librarians who serve adults. (Older posts, including those below, can be found in our archive:

  • If you have a makerspace, or work with students who enjoy crafting, see “Put Your Makerspace to Work for IL!”, which introduces a Reference and User Services Quarterly.article by Leah Mann,Library Media Services Instructional Specialist at Lewisville Independent School District.
  • Also in our archive, you can link to a post by Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers blog introduces tools for creating timelines, even timelines that include embedded video. See “Free Tools for Creating Timelines”
  • The post “Advanced English Writing: An Infographic,” by Grammar Check, offers succinct tips for students who are looking to improve their writing. The tips include easy-to-implement ideas such as changing sentence length and avoiding redundancy and dangling modifiers.
  • We hope you find these resources useful! If you have ideas for items that your librarians and colleagues should know about, please contact Credo’s Customer Success Manager, Henrietta Verma.




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