Webinars on Accreditation Tips, Faculty Outreach, and More

Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 2/15/19 12:46 PM

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webinar imageReady for some brief and free professional development? Try the webinars that are archived in Credo’s InfoLIt Learning Community. Each one is an hour long and presents an expert or group of experts on some aspect of information literacy. Some of the offerings focus on best practices and tips regarding Credo’s learning tools, but many others highlight pedagogical practices, successful IL programs, and ways of reaching students and faculty with your IL work. The webinars are available at the Webinars and Events section of the community, with some recent programs including:

  • Setting Up a Successful Peer Research Service
  • Accreditation Tips and Pitfalls
  • In a Perfect World: Successful Outreach to Faculty

Our next webinar is coming up on February 28 at 2PM Eastern time. The presentation, Science IL: A Case Study of a Long-Term Library/Science Faculty Collaboration, will highlight a partnership between the coordinators of the anatomy and the library instruction programs at NorthWest Arkansas Community College, which resulted in a shared information literacy rubric for introductory anatomy classes, assignment-driven library instruction for the majority of sections, and relationships between the library, faculty, and students. Shawna Thorup, Head of Reference and Instruction, and Professor Carey Chaney, a science faculty member will share their journey from a 2016 presentation about ACRL’s Framework to today and provide practical tips for adopting and adapting their experience.

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