Credo’s Guide to “Text Neck”

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 6/11/15 9:22 AM

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Young_people_texting_on_smartphones_using_thumbsA study published this week in the National Library of Medicine shines a light on "Text Neck," the condition where poor posture due to prolonged time spent checking one's phone can lead to spinal column degeneration. In this post we use Credo’s Topic Pages to further explore the issues in this global neck-idemic.

Mobile Phone: Much of how mobile phones work is understood, however science has yet to account for the gravitational force that bends the user’s head, neck, and attention toward it with such unrelenting persistence.

Skeleton: We always assumed technology could only strengthen our physical prowess in the tradition of The Six Million Dollar Man. Maybe, we thought, there would be some Dr. Octopus-type moral dilemmas that would bring us down, but the technology itself would be sound. Which is why it comes as such a betrayal that the phones we love so much are degrading our spinal columns.

Spinal Column: Definitely one of the more important groups of bones in the human body, and not just for the limitless middle-school joke possibilities bones with names like coccyx provide.

Giraffe: You know who has great neck game? Giraffes. Is it any wonder we never see them texting?

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