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Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 3/1/19 9:14 AM

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Looking to up your library's social media game? One of the best ways to engage followers to is to provide a consistent stream of fun/useful content. Understanding that libraries don't always have the time to generate all of the content they'd like, we're here to help! 

Below you will find daily posts, all under Twitter’s 280-character limit, that you can copy/paste at your leisure, each linking to a Topic Page, which, for Credo Online Reference Services subscribers can be a gateway to all kinds of e-resources. This content is free for the taking, no character-eating attribution to us necessary!

PS: The images below are all in the public domain.

1 March
On this day in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began with the examination by judges of 3 women accused of practicing witchcraft:


4 March
Learn how changes in light and season are processed by the body and affect circadian rhythm with this Topic Page:

5 March
Happy Mardi Gras!

6 March
Happy birthday to a true Renaissance man: Michelangelo was born in Caprese, Tuscany this day 1475.

7 March
March is Women's History Month! Read more about the fight for equal rights here:

8 March
Don't forget to 'spring forward' this weekend! (Except for our friends in AZ and HI, who don't observe the time change). 



11 March
The 1st Sci-Fi novel turns 101 today. Frankenstein was published this day in 1818:

12 March
Today is Girl Scout Day, celebrating the anniversary of the group's first meeting in 1912 in Savannah, GA:

13 March
The discovery of Uranus, the first planet identified by telescope, was announced by Sir William Herschel on this day in 1781.

14 March
Happy Pi Day! While its exact value cannot be computed, we can now calculate it to some 2.6 trillion digits.

15 March
Beware the Ides of March! Julius Caesar was assassinated this day in 44 BCE. 



18 March
Happy birthday John Updike, born this day in 1932:

19 March
Don't let your research into basketball devolve into madness; start by gathering scholarly background info from credible sources like this Topic Page:

20 March
Happy Alien Abduction Day! We're not sure why this holiday exists, but it's a great excuse to read up on scientific efforts to contact extra-terrestrial life:

21 March
Oligarchy is a common word in the news today, but what does it mean? This Topic Page gives an overview of oligarchy throughout history:

22 March
This ballet Topic Page is en pointe. 


25 March
The legal definition of treason dates back to 1350, when the English codified the distinction between high and petty treason:

26 March
On this day in 1953, Jonas Salk announced his development of a vaccine for polio:

27 March
Anime has its roots in, but is very different from, American animation. Learn more about the history of Japan's signature cartoon movies:

28 March
Stock up on peanuts and crackerjacks, folks, Opening Day is finally here!

29 March
Following the debates over gun laws in America? This Topic Page helps to cut through the talking points and get to the facts behind this controversial issue. 

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