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Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 1/29/19 12:00 PM

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Looking to up your library's social media game? One of the best ways to engage followers to is to provide a consistent stream of fun/useful content. Understanding that libraries don't always have the time to generate all of the content they'd like, we're here to help! 

Below you will find daily posts, all under Twitter’s 280-character limit, that you can copy/paste at your leisure, each linking to a Topic Page, which, for Credo Online Reference Services subscribers can be a gateway to all kinds of e-resources. This content is free for the taking, no character-eating attribution to us necessary!

PS: The images below are all in the public domain.

1 February
February is Black History Month: 


4 February
Facebook (rebranded from Facemash) was launched 15 years ago today to a select group of university communities. 

5 February
"Gong hei fat choy," is a traditional Cantonese greeting for #ChineseNewYear. 

6 February
Monopoly the board game went on sale this day in 1935. Get inspired for a stroll down Boardwalk with this topic page on actual monopolies: 

7 February
In the United Kingdom, February is LGBTQ History Month: 

8 February
Happy birthday to legendary science fiction author Jules Verne, born this day in 1828: 


11 February
Happy national bird-feeding month! As you look out your window, remember that modern birds are descendants of theropods like the Velociraptor: 

12 February
Romance as a literary genre dates back to 13th century France: 

13 February
Hankering for some star-crossed love in the lead up to Valentine's Day? Check out or Topic Page on Romeo and Juliet: 

14 February
Happy Valentine's Day! Learn about the holiday's roots in the Roman celebration of Lupercalia: 

15 February
In one of humanity's last chess victories over the machines, this week in 1996 Garry Kasparov defeated Deep Blue: 


18 February
Happy birthday to one of America's greatest living authors, Toni Morrison: 

19 February
On Copernicus's birthday, he acts like the world revolves around him: 

20 February
It's Love Your Pet Day, a great time to research one of humanity's first domesticated animals: 

21 February
One of the civil rights movement's most controversial figures, Malcolm X was assassinated on this day in 1965. 

22 February
Don't show up unprepared to your Oscar viewing party! Learn about the history and politics of this iconic award: 


25 February
Auguste Renoir was born on this day in 1841. Check out this masterpiece of a Topic Page: 

26 February
It's Tell a Fairy Tale Day! 

27 February
Happy birthday John Steinbeck, born on this day in 1902: 

28 February
Paradise Lost? Find its Topic Page (and full synopsis) here: 

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