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Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 9/10/18 10:13 AM

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This blog series provides easy, free access to open web resources and content that support affordable learning opportunities. A wide variety of resources published by government entities, think tanks, and more are curated to demonstrate what may be relatively unknown or ‘buried’ in the internet. Resources reflect issues happening today for the use of librarians, students, and all audiences.

Peruse, collect, distribute, save time and energy for enhancing information awareness in libraries around the world. We encourage you to share.

In Open Web News: Timely Topics

pillsNew Data Report from the Center For Disease Control on Drug-Related Risks and Outcomes

“This surveillance report on health outcomes and health behaviors related to prescription and illicit drug overdose in America includes data on national opioid prescribing patterns, drug use/misuse, treatment, hospitalizations, emergency department visits, and overdose deaths.”

Keywords: drugs, opioids, health, statistics, emergency, overdose, drug use, addiction

Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2016

A new American Community Survey Report was released from the U.S. Census with national and state-level statistics.

Keywords: computers, broadband, statistics, Internet

Did You Know? Open Resources to Bookmark

Geofabrik Map Compare

This interactive tool allows users to view and compare on a single web page how a number of online mapping tools (including Google Maps) render the same location.

Keywords: maps, geography, GIS, tools

In Case You Missed It: New Open Resources

Directory of Corporation Innovation Labs

A corporate innovation lab can be useful in identifying new ideas, methods, and products. This directory from CBInsights provides a brief intro and direct links to 73 corporate innovation labs.

Keywords: business, corporations, innovation, labs

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