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Posted by InfoLit Learning Community on 2/16/18 9:00 AM

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Karen Carreras-Hubbard

As we dig deeper into what it means to apply information literacy concepts inside and outside of the library, it is helpful to look at the diverse approaches different institutions have taken. Next Thursday, February 22 at 2 pm EST, in the first presentation of our InfoLit Learning Community speaker series, Karen Carreras-Hubbard will share her multifaceted approach to using Credo InfoLit Modules to engage faculty in information literacy work on campus outside of a conventional library setting.

One such approach was launched by the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2011 as part of a campus-wide strategic plan focusing on the success of undergraduate students.

Debra A. Murphy’s “Dream of a Common Language: Developing a Shared Understanding of Information Literacy Concepts” describes how the institution’s library created an Undergraduate Experience Team to help writing faculty build IL concepts into their classes. Murphy notes that the UC Santa Cruz faculty and librarians faced difficulties because of the widely varying terminology and language they used to discuss student needs and how to assess and address them.

When IL happens outside of the library in your institution, do the faculty or staff involved use expected language? How do you know what the students have learned in these outside interactions? How can you build upon IL work that uses other terms or assumptions?

Read the full article and join the related discussion in our InfoLit Learning Community. Already a member? Log in here. And be sure to tune in to Karen Carreras-Hubbard’s live presentation on February 22 at 2 pm EST, when she’ll share her tips and techniques for increasing information literacy across the campus.

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