Credo In Action: The Mind Map

Posted by Credo on 7/13/17 11:36 AM

Credo in Action

Mind Map screenshot.pngEarly last year we relaunched our Mind Map visual search tool, and the feedback we’ve received from subscribers has been great. We’re hearing more stories of how librarians use the Mind Map feature in their instruction and reference help. Mary Timmons of Monroe Community College says, “I love the Mind Map - it gives students who just have an idea for a topic a way to focus and narrow the search to give better, and easier, research material that concentrates on what they want to do.” Here are some other stories from librarians about where and how they use this popular feature:

I introduce students to Credo's Mind Map while we discuss search term concepts. They even get to play a game where they may only use terms they find through the Mind Map... but only after they have played the game while wracking their own brains for synonyms and related topics.” ~ Kate Hanley, Doane University

“I use [the Mind Map] in a specific instruction session I do about website evaluation and the students are always amazed at how this feature works. … [T]hey do better on their research papers and the teachers appreciate having this service available to students. That I feel is my goal—to enable students to have access to the resources, "the hidden web," like Credo, to be able to successfully bridge that gap between starting their research with nothing to having a resource that is completely worth it.” ~ Sierra Campbell, Fox College

“I have a total of 110 students that I offer basic IL instruction for in a women's studies critical thinking course. One major component of the assignment is to use women studies encyclopedias and dictionaries. Then students must have a concept map or mind map of their topic (keywords). Credo reference has made this component of the assignment so easy to use, access and create.” ~ Vang Vang, Cal State Fresno

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