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We understand your library wants to post fun content to social media but that you might not have the time to dedicate to writing it, so we’d like to help!

Below you will find daily posts, all under Twitter’s 140 character limit (good for Facebook too), that you can copy/paste at your leisure, each linking to a Topic Page, which, for Credo Online Reference Services or Literati subscribers can be a gateway to all kinds of e-resources.

This content is free for the taking, no character-eating attribution to us necessary!

PS: The images below are all in the public domain, with attributions at the bottom of the page.

Monday 2 May Learn about the fun side of fungicides with this Topic Page:
Tuesday 3 May Here's a list of 41 media & communications Topic Pages to help you celebrate World Press Freedom Day!
Wednesday 4 May May the Fourth be with you. Happy Star Wars Day!
Thursday 5 May It's National Hamburger Month, combatting what is clearly a deficit in American hamburger awareness...
Friday 6 May For the mother lode of resources about mom's, start with this motherhood Topic Page:
 May pole_opt
Monday 9 May Knights have been around since antiquity, although how they got anywhere moving in that L-shape we have no idea
Tuesday 10 May Finding good sources on hairdressing is easy to "do" when you use Credo:
Wednesday 11 May Nothing beats Credo's beets Topic Page:
Thursday 12 May The artichoke may be a small vegetable, but it's got a big heart
Friday 13 May Everybody's favorite tri-cornered settlement Jamestown was founded this day in 1607!
 marie antoinette_opt
Monday 16 May Marie Antoinette wed Louis XVI this day 1770. The ceremony was lavish but live happily ever after, they did not.
Tuesday 17 May This day in 1954 SCOTUS decided Brown v. Board of Ed, laying the legal foundation for desegregation
Wednesday 18 May Why spend a night at the museum when you could visit one on international museum day?!
Thursday 19 May This day in 1588 a highly flammable Spanish Armada set sail from Lisbon
Friday 20 May Good journalism and strong research benefit and reinforce each other:  
Blank____Tile  Invincible_Armada_opt
Monday 23 May Do you know the name of the geologic time period in which we currently live?
Tuesday 24 May This Topic Page offers some interesting information about how to think about college and careers:
Wednesday 25 May When research feels like going from the frying pan into the fire, try resources like this Cooking Topic Page:
Thursday 26 May Selling almost too many copies to... count, Dracula went on sale this day 1897
Friday 27 May Jupiter's moon, Io, has more volcanoes than a middle school science fair.
Monday 30 May Happy Memorial Day!
Tuesday 31 May Researching society, culture, and ways of life with anything less than this Topic Page would be uncivilized:



Proteus 1887 The Elfin May-Pole Float.jpg, By Carlotta Marie Bonnecaze (d. 1930) (Design by Carlotta Bonnecaze, via [1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

Marie-Antoinette, 1775 - Musée Antoine Lécuyer.jpg, By Unknown painter probably made Jean-Baptiste André Gautier-Dagoty (1740-1786) (Unknown) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,,_1775_-_Mus%C3%A9e_Antoine_L%C3%A9cuyer.jpg

Invincible Armada.jpg, See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

US Navy 030525-N-7438S-007 The U.S. Marine firing detail stands at parade rest during a Memorial Day ceremony.jpg, By U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Dan Smithyman. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

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