Credo In the News: Information Literacy Courseware Addresses Key Needs at University of New Mexico

Posted by Credo on 1/14/16 2:51 PM

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keyboardAn article in the Los Alamos Daily Post describes UNM-LA’s commitment to information literacy instruction and how library director Dennis Davies-Wilson is using Credo's Information Literacy Courseware to improve learning outcomes. As the piece states in its opening sentence, “Students who find themselves swimming in the vast ocean of information while doing research are no longer lost at sea at UNM-LA.”

Library Director Dennis Davies-Wilson won his university’s Faculty Initiative Award in 2009 for his efforts to create multimedia instructional materials. He is quoted as saying, “Credo’s product gives students a much broader and more thorough idea of information literacy concepts, with hands-on experience, than what I can teach in one face-to-face session and two videos.”

Colleges and universities use the courseware to meet accreditation requirements around information literacy and critical thinking skill standards. The consistent baseline instruction and authentic, self-directed assessment build measurable skills that will aid students well beyond  their academic careers.  Campuses utilizing the courseware have seen an average student improvement of 25%-30% in information literacy and critical thinking skills.

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