Starting Your Paper: The Sane Thing to Do

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 2/4/15 7:01 AM

Starting Your Paper, Topic Pages

15754056973_8bb8040eda_kRemember that time you started your big term paper at the beginning of the semester instead of the end? How the feeling of calm and confident contemplation beat the panicked jitters of caffeine-fueled all-nighters?


Well this could be that semester when you don't procrastinate, and reap the wonderful benefits to your mental health and grades!

Here are a few Topic Pages on mental health issues to get you in the mood for research:

Mental Health - Mental health was once defined as the psychological state that exists in the absence of mental illness. Contemporary social scientific thought,...

Mental Illness - Although now widely accepted by mental health professionals and lay people alike, the medical paradigm has been criticised from many quarters. Sociologists  ...

Personality Disorders - The study of personality disorders is critical for mental health professionals, because many people who come into treatment for anxiety, depression, substance  ...

Abnormal Psychology - The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-IV) provides a recognized classification system for identifying abnormal behavior.

Music Therapy - Music has been used to treat physical and mental problems in the United .... Working with people with psychiatric disorders, or in the mental health area, is a  ...

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