Work'n the Core: Highlighted Titles From Credo's Core Collections

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 10/2/14 8:34 PM

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World Monarchies and Dynasties - While this fully-illustrated encyclopedia ignores certain dynasties (e.g. the 80's prime time soap opera, Dynasty, and the New England Patriots of the past 15 years) it does provide the first complete survey of all the major rulers and ruling families of the world, past and present. No other reference work approaches the topic with the same sense of magnitude or connection to historical context. Look for it in our World History Collection v2 Collection.



The Value of a Dollar: 1600-1865 - The Value of a Dollar 1600-1865 is for both the user who simply wants to know what life was like for early Americans to the serious historical researcher. This fascinating survey will serve a wide range of research needs and will be useful in all high school, public and academic library reference collections. Also, spoiler alert: there's a sequel. Look for this title in our Public Core Collection.

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