Starting Your Paper: The Key to Writing a Paper in the Clutch

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 10/23/14 7:51 PM

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Just Because the Royals are Good Late in the Game Doesn't Mean You Have To Wait Until the Last Minute to Start Your PaperJim_Donnelly_(baseball)

"I'm at my best under pressure," is a statement we've all heard (and probably said) at some point with regards to why we haven't started a certain project yet. But is it true? Probably not for most people. Think about it, what sets you up for a quality paper better: cramming everything into one espresso-fueled night of binge-working, or exploring diverse and quality resources to craft a well-thought out paper?

There's an understandable desire to be seen as someone who thrives under pressure, but what people should remember is that when they see that athlete performing in clutch moments, or leader navigating through a crisis, more often than not their actions are the end product of countless hours of preparation that go unseen.

Credo's Topic Pages are a great place to kick off your research, providing links to high-quality scholarly resources as well as easy, intuitive ways to explore similar subjects. Here are a few Topic Pages on some of our favorite clutch athletes through the years:

Ruth, Babe George Herman R. - Ruth, Babe George Herman R. Summary Article:Ruth, Babe, (6 Feb 1895 – 16 Aug 1948) from The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia. Baseball ...

Jordan, Michael - Basketball player, born in New York City, USA. He played with the Chicago Bulls from 1984, and was named as the National...

Zaharias, Babe Didrikson, 1911-1956 - US sportswoman. One of the most talented and versatile figures in the history of sport, in 1932 she became the first athlete to win individual Olymp.

Lewis, Carl Frederick Carleton L. - US track and field athlete. He won nine gold medals and one silver in four successive Olympic Games. At the 1984 Olympic Games he equalled the perfo.

Jones, Marion - US track and field athlete. A former college basketball star, she came to international prominence in 1997 when she won the world 100-metre title in.

Robinson, Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" - He grew up in Pasadena, Calif., where he became an outstanding athlete in high school and junior college. While attending (1939-41) the Univ. of California at  ...


Jim Donnelly, By Old Judge [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons,

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