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Posted by Credo on 1/22/14 9:52 AM

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It's a problem as old as libraries: you want to provide users with better Information Literacy skills, but when do you have the time to create meaningful materials, much less an entire curriculum? We're confident that someday archaeologists in Alexandria will find an early scroll or tablet saying something to the effect of, "Patrons of the reference desk keep asking me how to cite gossip they heard in the market, but I can't properly design instructional materials on the evaluation of sources because I keep getting stuck at the reference desk..."

The Information Literacy Course Module (ILCM) offers dozens of instruction and assessment components, all of which are are aligned to ACRL standards, and includes learning objectives and activities in course  and discussion notes. Instructional videos, tutorials or modules designed to build IL skills are included in each section of the course, along with interactive activities and assessments to reinforce learning and provide feedback to the student and instructor.  Institutions can use the Information Literacy Course Module to supplement existing instruction or as a full for-credit course.

Here's the link to the official press release.

And here's where you'll go to find more info on the ILCM.

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