November's LOM: Sarah Slack

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 11/20/13 3:46 PM

Librarians and Educators of the Month, Subscriber Spotlight

Sarah Slack, St. Charles Public Library

Meet our November Librarian of the Month, Sarah Slack, Electronic Resources Coordinator at St. Charles Public Library.

CC: What two best practices would you suggest for other Literati subscribers who want to leverage their work with the Customer Solutions team to meet goals?SS: 1) Take time to prioritize your wish list before you meet with Literati staff so you can really hit the ground running. 2) Never be afraid to contact the people at Literati with a question, concern, whatever. They've always responded quickly and enthusiastically no matter how random my question.

CC: What's the most memorable reference question that you've ever heard?
Lately I've been spending a lot of time not only helping patrons learn how to use our ebooks and other downloadable services, but answering a surprising number of questions about why ebook lending policies are the way they are.

CC: If you were a librarian from popular culture (an example being Evelyn in The Mummy), which would you be?
SS: Bastille Dartmoor from Alcatraz Smedry books by Brandon Sanderson. She isn't a librarian and is, in fact, battling to destroy librarians, but in her world librarians are evil hoarders of knowledge, and I've always been an advocate of free access to information, so I think she still fits. Plus, she knows how to use a sword and has metallic silver hair.

CC: If you could sit down for dinner with any author, living or deceased, who would you choose?
SS: It's so hard to pick just one, but right now I'd have to pick Dr. Seuss because I'm starting to reread his books with my toddler and it's struck me all over again how universal his stories are, and how much fun.

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