Starting Your Paper: No Time Like the Present to Write that History Paper

Posted by Duncan Whitmire on 9/10/14 7:00 AM

Starting Your Paper, Topic Pages

Selecting a historical topic for a research paper means choosing from a continuously expanding pool of material, with each tick of the clock bring more of the past into

Herodotus, often called the Father of History, isn't so much mad that you haven't started your history paper yet as he is disappointed.

existence. Even in a class like History of the Ancient Greece, narrowing a topic can be herculean task. Credo is here to help, with topic pages that make information easier and more instinctive to discover, and can set you on the right path to getting the quality sources you need. Here's a sampling of some of the historical Topic Pages you'll find through your library's Credo or Literati account:

Persia - old alternate name for the Asian country Iran. This article is concerned with the history of the ancient Persian Empire, in which present-day Iran has its roots.

Oral History - oral history, compilation of historical data through interviews, usually tape-recorded and sometimes videotaped, with participants in, or observers of, significant ...

Canaan (Canaanites--History) - The term Canaan designates the geographical region on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, roughly from modern Lebanon and the southern porti.

History, Ancient - Most of the early Sumerian texts were records of economic activity, but by 2500 BCE, they expanded to include religious and literary texts as well as historical ...

Kush - Cush Kingdom was an ancient African kingdom, located in present-day Egypt, that lasted two thousand years. The Kingdom of Cush (Kush, Nubia) lay along the Nile River roughly between the first cataract above Aswan to the sixth cataract near the confluence of the Blue and White Nile Rivers at Khartoum.

Argentina - Early History: Little is known of the earliest inhabitants of the region. Only in NW Argentina was there a native population with a material culture. They were an agricultural people (recalled today by ruins N of Jujuy), but their importance was eclipsed later by the Araucanians from Chile.

Boxer Uprising - 1898-1900, antiforeign movement in China, culminating in a desperate uprising against Westerners and Western influence.

Image: Illustrerad Verldshistoria band I Ill 123.png, By Ernst Wallis et al (own scan) [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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