The Credo Current: April 3

Today’s post provides you with background information on items that are in the news this week.

Health insuranceSupreme Court

The United States Supreme Court is reviewing the federal health care law passed in 2010 and considering its constitutionality. The legislation promised the greatest change to US healthcare delivery in half a century. In its totality, it would extend health insurance coverage to some 30 million people who were without it while making an estimated 15 million or more new people eligible for the federally run Medicaid program. It contained provisions for subsidizing lower and middle-income people’s purchase of health insurance. It increased regulation of private healthcare companies, making illegal various common practices, most notably the denial of insurance on the grounds of a preexisting medical condition. The legislation also required what came to be known as an “individual mandate”, meaning that it required those without health insurance to purchase it.


Two new studies published in Science link pesticides introduced in the 1990s to the decline of the global bee population. In 2006–7 commercial honeybee hives suffered from colony collapse disorder, which, for unknown reasons, left many bee boxes empty of bees after overwintering. Bees are of inestimable value as agents of cross-pollination, and many plants are entirely dependent on particular kinds of bees for their reproduction (such as red clover, which is pollinated by the bumblebee, and many orchids).

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