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Happy Monday, Credo Blog readers!

Joe McDonald Facebook Profile PictureWe are excited to announce that Credo Reference and Libraries Thriving will be hosting two free online seminars this week as part of the Spring 2012 Credo Reference Online Seminar Series: Tech Tools and their Place in the 21st Century Library!

This week, Donnelyn Curtis, Director of Research Collections and Services at the University of Nevada at Reno, will join us for the online seminar entitled – When the Archives Get Social: The Joe McDonald and Leola Lewis Project – to talk about the creative process that led to her Facebook project recently featured in Wired: “On Facebook, Librarian Brings 2 Students From the Early 1900s to Life.”

Donnelyn created Facebook profiles for former University of Nevada graduates – Jimmie Curtin, Joe McDonald, and Leola Lewis – to give students a glimpse of university life, using archival material from the trio’s college days. Twentieth century students can learn about the time period of these three University of Nevada grads by viewing archived photos, reading posts relevant to the time period of the three Facebook subjects, and more.

Upcoming When the Archives Get Social: The Joe McDonald and Leola Lewis Project online seminars will take place:

Click on the above seminar date links and reserve your seminar seats today to hear Donnelyn talk about the creative process that led to the Facebook project, the hurdles that she’s had to overcome (including Facebook’s deleting the profiles for violating the terms of service), and what the future holds for Joe and Leola.

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